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Bridge the real and virtual worlds with our NFC tags, connecting customers to a world of information and engagement. Just make it:

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How it Work

How does it work?

With one tap and one click your customers will be engaged and informed!.

1. Tap the NFC Tag:

Simply tap your phone to the NFC tag.

2. Click the Notification:

When prompted, click on the notification to access.

3. You're In!:

Enjoy instant access to all the business information you need.

Our Features

Explore the power of our NFC tags

Easy & Quick Access

Customers can quickly access menus and your social media accounts, potentially leading to improve the service.

Increase Efficiency

Reduce the need for printed menus, saving time and costs associated with menu updates and printing.

Real-Time Menu Updates

Easily update menus, promotions, and special offerings in real-time, ensuring that customers always see the latest information.

More engagement& marketing

Encourage customers to connect with your restaurant on social media platforms, fostering a loyal customer base and driving online engagement.

Competitive Edge

Stay ahead of the competition by offering a modern and tech-savvy dining experience that appeals to a wide range of customers.


Easily configure the NFC tags to display content in different languages, allowing you to adapt to the unique linguistic needs of your clientele.

Interact with your customers

& Let Your Customers Be Closer! Level Up your Business

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Adding you as a contact

The Physical Now Becomes Digital

empower your business with digital menus filled with photos and full of functions.

Easily updated

Full of photos

More trendy& modern

Multi- language


Offers & sales



Tags all over the world


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Increase in views

Digital identity screens

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Capturing the Experience!


What Our Customers Say

Embark on a beautiful journey through the eyes of our patrons. Explore and discover firsthand experiences that highlight the transformative impact of our NFC tags on their business adventures.

Efficiency Redefined!

As a restaurant manager, incorporating NFC tags into our establishment has proven to be a strategic move. The streamlined access to menus and real-time updates has not only enhanced the dining experience but has also improved our overall operational efficiency. Customers appreciate the convenience of tapping and exploring different sections, making the ordering process smoother. The positive feedback we've received highlights the success of this tech-savvy addition to our restaurant."
Mayra Vasquez

Web Development, USA

Tags Gallery

Unveiling Innovation in Design

Explore the artistic fusion of technology and design with our Tag Gallery, showcasing the elegance and functionality of our NFC tags. From sleek minimalism to vibrant customizations, witness the visual embodiment of innovation in every tap.


Answers to Your Queries

Explore the most common questions and find insightful answers. We've curated a comprehensive guide to ensure you have all the information you need about our NFC tags, bringing clarity and confidence to your decision-making process.

A: NFC tags use wireless technology to establish a connection with a customer's smartphone, providing instant access to information such as menus, promotions, and contact details. The customer simply taps their device on the NFC tag to initiate this seamless interaction.

A: Yes, our NFC tags are fully customizable. We offer options to incorporate your businesses branding, ensuring a cohesive and personalized hosting experience for your customers.

A: Our NFC tags support a wide range of languages. You can easily configure the tags to display menu information in multiple languages, catering to the diverse needs of your clients.

A: Installation is straightforward. Our team provides guidance on strategically placing NFC tags on tables to ensure optimal functionality. It's a hassle-free process that seamlessly integrates with your restaurant's layout.

A: No, our NFC tags are versatile and can be employed in various settings beyond restaurants. Whether you're a dentist, in retail, events, or any business seeking innovative customer interactions, our NFC tags can be customized to meet your specific needs.

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